Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tippmann A5

I just received my Tippmann A5 about a week ago. I have only taken it out to the field once and already know this gun is amazing. The Tippmann A5 and most Tippmann guns carry the reputation that they are strictly used for scenario and woodsball playing styles. I believe i have proven many people wrong now.

I decided to take my Tippmann A5 out on the speedball field and I dominated. The Tippmann A5 kept up with the best of them! I thought the gun would be too bulky and would get in the way or stick out of the bunkers but it proved me wrong too.

I was able to snap shoot and everything! The Tippamann A5 has completely changed my mind about not being able to play close quarter, fast pace games. I will use my Tippmann A5 for any style of play i can find! Great gun!